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Originally Posted by delphidb96 View Post
Why not create a simple v-shaped saddle out of a cardboard box, get yourself a small sheet of matte-finish (1/8" to 1/4" thick) plexiglas and a tripod to hold up a high-resolution webcam (I've got one that shoots 5MP base and can capture up to 20MP.) and the requisite OCR software and just flip the pages of your un-separated book, putting the plexiglas on each page to take the image???

I may give this a try.. thanks..

so far I did a quick trial run on some pages with my autofeeder after debinding an old book with a mix of color pictures and text.....

I tried scanning to 300dpi (no ocr)..both a set of scans to jpeg and pdf and the file size was 1mb to 3 mb per page. That seems very high to me. I then used advanced jpeg compressor to cut the file size down and it cut it down by 25%. But still very high. I see lots of ebooks with high quality pictures at 5-10 mb total. Im at that total with 8 pages...LOL... what am I doing wrong as the file size for a book will be easily 200-300 mb thats before ocr and such...

Also ive seen on here or on google some programs that batch correct your scans.. they line up the edges straight and maybe do other things that would be good for making the process easier...but cant seem to remember what programs or threads it was under...anyone help with that?

thanks again for reading and offering any help or tips you all may have...

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