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There is not really tutorials about that, as this is usual HTML (<form>, <input> tags, ...) and javascript.
You need the PRCGEN command line tool to compile these eBooks, or you can use the Mobipocket Creator to build them (use a blank publication and add the HTML files you manually write).

You can get the PRCGEN SDK documentation here: (freely downloadable).

We are going to publish a free version of the PRCGEN command line tool, along with the PRCGEN SDK. You will be able to use it to build free eBooks.

Please note that the PRCGEN SDK help describes the Javascript support in Mobipocket Reader 4.6. We now support functions, string objects, local/global variables, ... and ASP-like scripting in JavaScript (ECMA-262). You can also submit forms, and send them to a web server, via the Web Companion synchronization. This updated documentation will come soon.
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