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Read for 4 hours on it last night....after tweaking the font, size and brightness....I found myself enjoying it a bit more than my PRS-505.....and I read text, and a few comics.. No eye strain at ALL..or rather no more than with my e-ink reader....(LOVE the color, contrast and bells and whistles on the iPad..didn't think I would get sucked over to the dark side so quickly..but...was worth EVERY penny!!!!!) HUGE compared to the 505, and took some time to readjust my position in bed, and the device itself till I was in the groove....but, after that it was BRILLIANT...spent this morning between the kitchen cooking Easter dinner to the Macbook/Calibre converting my hoard into ePub, and syncing via iTunes...

Very Happy, would recommend one to anyone that enjoys reading eBooks, Comics (This thing ROCKS comics...!!!!!!) But do keep in mind, it is NOT a netbook replacement....It fits well between my Macbook and iPhone....(In a place I never thought existed, but now find myself wondering how I could live without it..)

Hope this helps....
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