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Originally Posted by gunjangarg1 View Post
a) Contents on the left panel(TOC) are still being displayed as ????.
As Wallcraft said, this is a known bug in ADE. Not only the TOC of the book will have question marks, but also the table of contents of all the book titles and authors in the device will be wrong.

As far as I know there are only two solutions:

If you are an end user and want to read Tamil books in your device, you can try to find information how to change the system font of your reader (or you buy another reader, a good one now!)

If you are a vendor, you can hardly expect that all your clients start adapting the firmware. In this case the only thing you can do is give a warning to your customers. Something like: Attention, books in Tamil cannot be read properly on these devices: Sony ... etc.

I think you really need a list of devices here. Telling that readers based on ADE are no good, isn't a solution. Most of your customers probably aren't aware what ADE is. Not everyone is a member of this forum.
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