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Originally Posted by RSaunders View Post
OK, I'm a BD newbee, but I just downloaded it and was following HarryT's instructions. Works great, right up to the point where I click "make". Then BD runs along for a while, until the progress bar says "Converting lrs to lrf... , wait, please". Then it puts up a dialog saying it failed and I'm back to the make menu.

I've tried a number of settings, with no success. Then I clicked the little R, and it switched to reader mode. Now I can't switch it back and there are no menu bars anymore. Quiting and restarting doesn't even get me back a menu bar. I'm stuck - with nothing.

A) How can I switch it back to editing mode?

B) How can I figure out why it is bombing?
Can't help with Point A, but regarding Point B, I had the EXACT same problem yesterday with BD. It gave me the same message, and did the same thing. I had to de-install it and then, instead of going with the full release update, I used the beta one on the Wiki page, the last one dated 5-30-2007. It worked fine after that.

I don't know why it hung up. I run Windows XP with no service pack. All I know is that the full release update won't work, but the 5-3-07 one will.
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