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Originally Posted by poshm View Post
Yes the battery meter has always worked on my PB360 and steadily goes down from 5 bars to none. It does seem as though the last few bars discharge quicker than the rest but I'm not entirely sure of that.

I do know that when you get a little message popping up to tell you to charge your PB - you don't have long before it runs out of juice completely.
I'm just recharging my PB360 for the first time and wanted to see if there was any information about how long to charge it.

I've also found that the battery meter works, and it took ages for me to lose that first bar, I was so impressed! The second bar also took a fair while, but the third bar went relatively quickly compared to the other two. I figured now was a good time to charge it.

I had no idea there was a little warning message, I love that and I'll wait for it next time just to see what it's like

I love my PB360, only officially had it since March 25th and I've read two novels and at least three multi-chapter fanfiction stories (most of them well over the page count of a normal novel) - all on half a charge.
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