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Converting to EPUB having issues with page offsets

I have a Sony Reader 505 and I am having an issue with Calibre converting a MOBI file to EPUB. When I convert it, it looks okay, but when I start reading it on the Sony Reader, the top of the page is shifted off of the screen for some reason, so I lose 1 line of text (which made the book confusing until I figured out the issue).

If I convert the MOBI file to LRF, everything looks fine and I can read it, but I am curious what I am doing wrong.

I am using Calibre 0.6.46 and not really fiddling with anything.
- I select the book and that I want to convert it.
- I leave EPUB as the output format.
- On Page Setup I select "Sony Reader" as the Output profile and "Kindle" as the Input profile (original source of the MOBI).
- I hit OK and wait for it to convert.

Is the EPUB output still a work in progress? I noticed several differences in the LRF versus EPUB versions:
- EPUB was shifted somehow, so the first N pixels (first line) were off the screen
- EPUB had little page numbers on the side of the screeen, did not see how to disable their generation
- LRF seemed to convert the graphics better
- LRF handled centering headers and such better

Calibre is great, I am just trying to understand how mature the EPUB output should be on the Sony Reader.

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