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ckole began at the beginning.
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Nice review here's my 2 cents:

If you are looking for an eReader to read manuals this is the device for you as other have said. Screen refresh is fast, faster than my Nook, and the zoom feature works great. You can show the table of contents on the LCD screen and view the document on the e-ink side. That is a great feature.

I love the 9.7" screen and understand the compromise (bulk) and benefits of having 2 screens. Much nicer than the Kindle DX with all of the surrounding keys and buttons.

Great for reading documents

Great integration between the 2 screens. For those that don't get the eink thing load a PDF on both sides and see how much easier it is to read in eInk (Hint iPad issue)

In landscape mode light browsing works well.


Is there a way to turn off the blue light on the scroll wheel? It drives me nuts.

Would like more durable casing that is less slick

Have concerns about scratching either screen when flipped in tablet mode
Wish all features like camera and flash worked out of box but I know Entourage will keep the device up to date

No "Marketplace" app - lots of trial and error with other apps via manual download and installation. Entourage is working on this

No true sleep mode with quick re-boot


Easier way to organize files into folders on the device. This can be done with USB connection to PC.

RSS Reader that will display the content on the e-ink screen

Have way to push web pages to e-ink. I don't want a browser on the e-ink side just a way to read large amounts of text from web pages.

Make it slightly less bulky with smaller bezels and possibly shave .5 - 1 lbs from the device.

How am I using the device?

I use and love Calibre software to downloads tons of content. Waiting for the Calibre to add support for the Edge. The Adobe Digital Systems software for ePub books works.

I am a pilot and have lots of manuals from my company. Nice to have them with me when I am at home and not have to lug 50 lbs around. has some promise using free FAA approach plates as a backup to what I already have.

Light browsing, Facebook, RSS reading, etc

Want to Try:

Press Display Papers Direct

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