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First impressions

OK, got my eDGe yesterday when I got home from work!

I was a little frustrated shipping day with not hearing mine had shipped when others had that had ordered a month after me. Turns out, this was 100% a communication thing. It was shipped with the first batch, I was just down the e-mail list. Oh well, I ranted a little, but it wasn't going to turn me off the device. Overall, this is a minor glitch (and I can actually understand it with the load entourage was under) from a company that seems to have pulled off a great launch of a device.

A little about my expectations. I design ASICs for a living, so I was looking for a device that I could read for leisure, but also use for heavy tech documents. I have been looking for a decent device for 10+ years (decent for my criteria). I have been tempted by the iRex product line, but didn't bite, mainly because the lack of some features and the price. When the edge hit, it really looked to be the device I would have designed, or at least close enough (you will never get 2 engineers to agree completely).

So, I got the eDGe, plugged it in, and started to play with it. I am very impressed. I had a little issue with getting the Code 45 error trying to register it, but Boris had a post on the google group that solved that problem (thanks Boris). Overall, it was easy to work with, and very nice to get up and going and started using, and the update went without issue.

I decided to give it a pretty good test right away, I went to ARM's website, and grabbed the TRM (technical reference manual) for the Cortex-A8 (I am playing with the beagleboard here at home right now). This is one of the main uses I planned with this device, technical datasheets so I don't need them in three ring binders. I then went to TI's website, and grabbed the datasheet and userguide for one of their MSP430 line (another micro-controller I am using to do science with my boys). All from the built in web browser using wireless.

ARM's document is 764 pages, drawings, pin diagrams, tables, etc. Fairly complex, and I didn't see any issues during a quick peruse of the document. It was easy to read, and I had no problems with it.

TI's document is 945 pages, also drawings, pinouts, etc. I had no problem in seeing and reading the pinouts on the parts, small block diagrams, etc.

I have also subscribed to a magazine (Circuit Cellar Inc) for a number of years, and for the last few have been getting the PDF version along with the paper (for storage), so I pulled it up. It is image intensive, and comes in at 10-20MB/issue. The one I pulled up is 16.28MB (86 pages). These magazines are a little slower to flip pages, but still not bad (they are slow on a pc too). However, the articles are very readable, and the picture feature of the eDGe will enhance the magazine experience. Typically, a table, chart, etc will be on one page, while the article talks about it on the next. This feature is something I will use extensively.

I will be using it more in depth next week (took today and tomorrow off work), but it appears this may be the device for tech type e-reading and work. So first impressions, entourage has a home run.

Oh yeah, I don't find this uncomfortable at all to hold. I have that 945pg doc printed 2up, double sided, and this is much more comfortable to use!

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