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I can't second enough addicted2books. This is a relatively new service for libraries and an expensive one at that. We need to know that (1) patrons are using the service or want to use the service and (2) what types of books that these patrons want to read.

Please be advised that Macmillan and Simon & Schuster refuse to sell ebooks to libraries so none of their titles will be available in Overdrive. Also, we have to pay a significant amount more money for each ebook title we purchase to lend out. While everyone is arguing about REP, libraries have been getting NO DISCOUNT AT ALL on ebooks. We pay the SRP of the least expensive pBook available. If the title is only available as a hardcover at 27.99, we pay 27.99 to add it to our collection. This differs vastly from our purchase of pBooks and in the days of dwindling budgets we can get much more bang for our buck buying pBooks. Because creating a digital library is expensive, small libraries are grouping together to offer content.

So, please, if you are using library ebooks or would like to but don't like the titles available please, please let your library know (nicely). You can/should even suggest titles you want purchased (for ebooks or pbooks). We always appreciate suggestions. You can also let your mayor and local council know as well because most library funding is local!
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