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Fictionwise discontinues Buywise Club

Given the recent brouhaha about agency pricing, I was curious how my main ebook source,, would be changing their Buywise loyalty club.

Well, apparently, they have decided to simply discontinue it without bothering to announce the fact anywhere but this hard-to-find page on their site:

Links to to the old Buywise Club page have been removed from the site, and the digging through the FAQ only leads to the page above.

My account still shows a membership expiration date in 2015 since I paid for 5 years during last year's Buywise sale, and pricing on ebooks in my cart continue to reflect the 15% Buywise discount, but there is no way to obtain a membership now if you don't already have one.

I have written to Fictionwise to find out what will happen to existing memberships re: 15% discount, members-only sales, and the possibility of receiving store credit or refunds for the unused portions of our memberships.
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