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1. appearance
No wasted space, small bezel on three sides, small keyboard on bottom. Sleek, simple, not fussy, single color frame.

2. Functions
Epub (DRM for library support and bookstores), pdf, mobi, eReader (DRM if continued by B&N), TXT, RTF, HTML. The ability to name bookmarks, search in every format, dictionary, and annotation. Ability to organize by folders or collections or tags. On device font and font size selection, as well as justification and margin adjustment.

3. Specifications
5-6 inches. Lightweight. No touchscreen, no wireless. SD slot. Page turn buttons on right, left, bottom. BACKLIGHT! If no backlight, then an optional reading light designed for the device, something that lights the whole screen evenly and clips properly and unobtrusively without a cover. (See all the "booklight" threads on this site.)

4. Colors
Black and white. Maybe a couple of covers in different colors for those who like them.

5. other
No apps, or anything that would distract from reading. I prefer the eBook experience to be all about the content of the book. The device serves the content, it is not a gadget to play with, or hack. We have plenty of other devices for that. The only exception might be a software component for RSS aggregation and syncing.

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