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Sweetpea pretty much nailed it for me with two exceptions, touch screen and backlit display. I'm ambivalent at best when it comes to a touch screen. It would never be at the top of my "wishlist" for features, and if not implemented well, could actually be a point against a reader. For example,(in my opinion) the screens on the Sony 700 and 600 are not as sharp or "contrasty" as the screen on the Sony 505. This has been enough to prevent me from buying the "Daily" reader. If a touch screen could be as good or better than that of a Sony 505 I'd be open to the idea. I feel the same way about backlighting. I have no problems with the display on my 505, and all of the books I read for the last 40 years required a light to read at night, so I personally have no strong need for backlighting. Again though, if it's done well (i.e good battery life and no eyestrain from extended reading) it wouldn't prevent me from buying a reader.
One last thing. I want a reader to read, so that's all I want it to do. I don't need it to be a phone, a camera, or a gps. I don't want to get on the internet, check my email, do my banking, or watch video. I want a dedicated device that lets me read comfortably and easily.
And as for the question of a color screen, see my thoughts on touchscreen and backlighting above.

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