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Originally Posted by michbby View Post

im really confused about the whole nook been used outside of the us, so i was wondering if someone could explain me step by step how can i be able to use the nook while living in panama city, central america. i would really appreciate the help!

thank you!
To sum it up, outside US, you cannot buy books direct from your Nook and you cannot use gprs/edge/3g connection at all. Apart from this, you can do the same things as others in US.

Here is what you can do on your Nook (out of the box) outside US:

1. off course, you can read epub, pdf, pdb ebooks

2. you can connect your Nook to your home wifi to, firstly, register your Nook, then browser B&N book store, and load the B&N Daily.

3. you can connect your Nook to outside wifi hotspot (with WEP, WPA key protection, but cannot connect if the hotspot requires you to enter login/password) to perform the same function as via home wifi

4. if you can purchase ebook from B&N, on your PC (you need some kind of vpn connection to pretend you surf web from US), you can later download the book to your Nook via wifi, or sideloading through USB connection.

5. you cannot use the stock AT&T sim card to access B&N bookstore; or it is useless outside US.

If you are willing to put a bit of effort for enhancing your Nook function, you have to "root" your Nook (details in separate discussion). Here is what can get from rooted Nook:

1. you can use your local SIM card + your GPRS/EDGE/3G contract to make connection to B&N store, like what you can do with wifi connection; but 3G signal is everywhere and much easier to make connection on the road.

2. you can install Nookbrowser for surfing simple website, most suitable for mobile website, e.g. twitter, yahoo/gmail, wiki. Though, your Nook can now open the more complex website, it is limited by the narrow portrait screen. (With Nookbrowser, you can save webpages for offline reading on Nook too). This websurfing can be done with wifi (or 3g connection, if you set up properly for your local SIM card)

3. you can install Trook for rss feed online reading (via 3g or wifi)

4. you can have a more advanced book library functions when compared with the stock book library, e.g. sort my first/last author name, cover flow for both B&N and non-B&N ebooks

5. you can have file manager which allows you to manage files/folders inside your Nook, instead of having to do it on your PC only (e.g. deleting books on Nook).

6. you can replace the interface fonts with your own fonts.

7. For Asian people like myself, I can install Asian fonts in order to view asian language website and rss feeds (Asian language support for ebook content needs a separate treatment)

I'm not sure I miss anything. Hope you have some broad idea what you can or cannot do with your Nook outside US.

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