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ePub-Catalog link in bookmarks menu: is it really needed?


EPUBReader creates two links to Catalogue page - one in Bookmarks menu (without icon) and other - in Tools menu (with icon).

Just noticed that it is impossible to delete the link in Bookmarks menu - when FF starts EPUBReader checks if the link is present, and if it is not, then the link is created.

It seems to me that such functionality is counterintuitive and unnecessary:

1) the user expects that it is possible to delete the link in bookmarks list,

2) the links are visually different (one with icon, another without icon),

3) it is enaugh to have the link in Tools menu - most extensions create their links there.

So, I think that it would be better if the link to ePub Catalogue in Bookmarks menu either were removed or it were possible to delete it.
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