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Quick question for everyone who owns a SPR...

Hi all.
Firstly, thank you for your wonderful forums.
Even though I'm about to ask a REALLY basic question, please don't think I haven't been trawling through all of your informative threads over the last few weeks, because I promise I have.
If anything, though, I'm more confused than ever.
Hence my post.
If you guys would kindly answer my one question, I'll buy my Sony E-Reader and then hopefully become a regular working part of this forum as I tweak and play with my new toy.
Anyway, here goes...
All I want out of my ebook is to be able to download 'text-only' pdf files and read them.
That's all.
Ebook reading ONLY.
No manuals, or pics, or graphs.
Now, most native PDF books seem to be A4 size, and I've gathered that A4 size pages will display 'too-small' text on the reader so can I (how do I) convert the pdf files easily (one click?).
Basically, if I get a unanimous "yes it can be done. Easy as pie." then I'll buy my reader right now and work out the details later.
But some of you have stated that if you only want to read pdf's on this thing then DON'T buy it, which is naturally causing me to pause..
So, what do you all think?
Thanks in advance

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