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Possible to check out library books w/o Sony Reader Software Installed?

I've been having problems with the Sony Reader software since day one, as many here have experienced. First it would hang on syncing, then I coudn't see the books in my library - I could click on "books" but it would just hang there and do nothing. Then I got the protected page (I think that's what it said) error on the reader itself. Finally, my Reader software won't run at all...well, the task manager shows it's running, but it never really opens on my desktop. I've been going through the forums for the last few days and I think I've tried all the hints posted here. Last night I gave up and uninstalled the software for the umpteenth time, but have yet to reinstall it.

My question now is this: Is there any way to check out library books without having the Sony Reader software installed on my PC? I bought the PRS-600 specifically so that I could check out library books and I need a way to make this work.

I have Adobe Digital Editions installed as well as Calibre.

Thanks in advance!
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