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Tagging and MBP Files

Great thread idea. I love the books I'm reading sync to shelfari, etc idea. (Perhaps if Amazon charges for app wireless access, it could be save on the Kindle then sent up to the net when you synch with a desktop... maybe as a new Calibre plugin or something).

Here's something I have a need for. I have lots of book on my Kindle. I want to organize them in genre using the "tagging" workaround that's been described. So for each book, I have to open the book, create a "note" and put in whatever tags I want. Example, xscifi, xclassic, x19thcentury, xthriller, etc. I want a way to do this quickly, not one at a time.

I looked into the possibility of altering the mbp files themselves that store the notes for each book. I found a perl project that can read them but nothing that can actually decompile one, update it then recompile. (this is a propriety binary format from Sony isn't it?).

So without programmatic way to update or create mbp files I don't see a way to implement this tagging system quickly.

Perhaps it's a moot point since it is rumored that the next os from amazon will include more book organization features.
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