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Font changer issue

Hi Michael,

The FF font list and EPUBReader's font list are identical.

It seems that there is a difference between FF version 3.6 and FF version 3.6.2.
FF 3.6 displays a list of fonts without Arial, Arial Unicode MS and Palatino Linotype. FF 3.6.2 displays a list split into alphabetically ordered 2 parts, and in the first part of the list Palatino Linotype is present, in the second part of the list Arial and Arial Unicode MS is present.

So, the list of fonts in the version 3.6.2 does not lack any font. It is only strange that the list is split into 2 alphabetically ordered parts. It is confusing and I do not find any principle according to which some fonts are put into first part of the list and other fonts - into second part.

Feature suggestion: Perhaps, Epubreader can read the font list from Firefox and reorder available fonts into single alphabetically ordered list?

Another suggestion: it would be nice if EPUBReader displayed an icon in tabs.

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