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Ramen has learned how to read e-booksRamen has learned how to read e-booksRamen has learned how to read e-booksRamen has learned how to read e-booksRamen has learned how to read e-booksRamen has learned how to read e-booksRamen has learned how to read e-books
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I don't really fancy this type of discussion because it typically never changes anything. Still, I'd like to drop a few basic points:

Originally Posted by HarryT View Post
The reason for all this data storage, in case it's escaped anyone's notice, is so that information can be shared and synced between different devices. So if you're reading a book on your Kindle, and then you carry on reading the same book with the Kindle app on an iPhone, you'll automatically start reading at the page you left off at on the Kindle, you'll have all your annotations, etc.
Maybe as an excuse, sure. If that were the intent, Amazon would state something along the lines of "you have X storage allocated to you and we will not access it in any way".

Originally Posted by kindlekitten View Post
y'all have an over inflated sense of self importance if you really believe that Amazon gives a rats left testicle about the content on your Kindle. so what if you have all of Harry Potter on it? how is Amazon to know where it came from? anyone is perfectly legally within their rights to tear up those books and scan them in. do you REALLY think anyone is going to spend time proving otherwise? now if you were doing it and SELLING the scanned copies, yeah, they'd probably get a little pissed and do something about it.

some folks really do qualify for aluminum foil hats! sheesh
Unfortunately, that argument belongs to a past decade. Nowadays, collecting and mining data has become so cheap and automated that it no longer makes sense to exclude data sets. Just process them all. Nobody will notice the difference (other than better results...).

I kind of react allergic to "I have nothing to hide" and "I don't see what they could possibly use the data for" because it typically stems from ignorance. Again, I really do not want to delve into this any deeper but there are truly staggering things you can currently do with data mining. This is not a subjective point.

Data mining possibilities and costs are technical discussions and the answers are pretty clear. The question here is simply how much does Amazon (and the like) do.
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