Thread: PRS-300 No automatic hyphenation?
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No automatic hyphenation?


I've been browsing the forum archives and I'm wondering whether someone could confirm the following:

The current PRS-300 firmware does not support automatic hyphenation.

I am reading epub books (from the Sony store as well as converted from Kindle), and while I figured out how to change the font and formatting using calibre and the boroda 1.05a firmware, long words such as "supportive" leave really ugly ragged right edges. Stanza on the iPhone automatically hyphenates the same epubs, so I'm wondering whether this lack of functionality is somehow caused by my relentless customization.

PS: To make this post a little less of a complaint.
If you're looking for a nice reader font, try Hoefler Text. I like it with the following calibre settings: Base font 11.0pt, all other checkboxes off and the following css (gives you a paragraph indent and a half line paragraph spacing as well as a nicer line-to-line spacing):
p { padding-top: 0; padding-bottom: 0; margin-bottom: 3pt; margin-top: 0; text-indent: 1.5em; line-height:125% }
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