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Originally Posted by Ulli View Post
Have you tried it with pdfviewer? I cant try it on my 360, its currently in the hand of a friend.

I would take this go back go forward thin until its fixed or is it that annonying to you ?

Afaik there is no such logfile and i dunno how the reader should notice, that the display is doing something wrong, the hardware will give it right to the output.
I tried the pdfviewer and it is better in the way that it handles the moving forward and backward (half-pages) and "remembers" perfectly the last half page (even if it is a complicated picture) after turning off and on.

But I still prefer the Adobe viewer because of the strange font and spacing that was chosen in the pdfviewer it is really difficult to read (at fit-width, 118%)

And now that I know of this behavior in Adobe viewer I will manage.

Then I am sorry that I was not more specific about the log question.
It had more to do with when my PB360 was reseting by itself, when I just pressed forward, reading a drm borrowed epub, see my posting below.
It actually seemed to reset every 8-9 pages, and at these moments I was just reading about 25-30 pages each evening and had to wait for the startup after each reset and then moving forward searching for the page I was on, that was really annoying.
But then I was reading that post #68 had also problems when updating via the internal memory, so I tried to update via the SD memory and now I have had just 3-4 resets, perhaps I have passed some "difficult" strange epub coded part in the book, but now it hasn't reseted in many pages

So in this context I would like to know if there are any log file/s that are stored (telling last reset reason (for instance normal power-on, watchdog, illegal instruction, or whatever this cpu supports).
As an embedded programmer myself (although not linux) I can recommend following articles about using assert:

Originally Posted by Anders Eriksson View Post
15.1 Stability ???
I have had to reset 3-4 times every day
and this evening it was reseting by itself when I pressed wing button forward, reading a borrowed epub (300 pages, 360Kbytes)

I got my PB360 just about 10 days ago, and it is now after I updated to 15.1 yesterday that I have started to switch more between my technical pdf's, that I read in landscape fit-width => 100% and the epubs I borrow, and using more features like searching, adding books to favorites and adding and using bookmarks.

But still I have a feeling that 14.2 was more stable, especially the pdf-viewer.

Has anyone else the same experience?
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