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I also am in the market for a new reader and am trying to decide between the Boox/Neo vs. some of the Pocketbook models (302, 602, 603). I have a few questions for those who are familiar with any of them:

1. Will all the Pocketbook models allow you to choose from multiple fonts and have a large range (?12) of font sizes? How do these compare with the Boox? Can you embolden the text to improve visibility/contrast? These are some of the features I particularly like on my Cybook Gen 3.

2. How do books show up in the library view for each? Do they include cover images? How many books show per "page"? Is there folder support?

3. Do all these models offer easy-access bookmarking?

4. What information shows on the screen when you are within the text of a book? Name and author of book? Page numbers vs. completion bar? Residual battery life?

5. What are the relative advantages/disadvantages of resistive vs. wacom screens and will the new matte screens on the Pocketbook 302/602 make the text visibility/clarity more comparable to the Boox?

6. What are the relative advantages/disadvantages of wifi vs. 3G vs. bluetooth? How would you use the USB on the 302?

Thanks for any help!
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