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A rookie question. I have come across some eBooks that are in straight HTML and the formatting is rather primitive. In order to get them into an ePub format I have made modifications using a stylesheet in the HTML. When I use Calibre to convert from HTML to ePub, I find that all my H1 and H2 headings are formatted into separate files inside the ePub container. If my chapter heading has, say, two lines - one formatted in H1 and the other in H2 - the result is the chapter heading broken up into separate pages when Calibre displays it. What I am after is both lines of each chapter heading as well as the text of the chapter itself displaying on the same ePub 'page'. My concern is that when I send the book to my reader (an Archos 5 32GB Android running the Aldiko eReader) I'm going to have the same issue I'm having in Calibre. For the book in question I am looking at, there are 39 separate HTML documents in the ePub container. There are only 17 chapters and a TOC. I would think I should only see at most 18 or 19 separate files, not 39 of them. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do to fix this?

A rank amateur would like to know. Thanks ahead of time for the he'p! )
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