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Dear Hansel,

many thanks for your work (and others which enabled it). A very good example how to make effective use of Lua to extend applicability of the Iliad. I will think about what else might be possible based on your starting work.
Besides that, the application is already really useful.

A small bug relates to the new buttons for language specific settings. Unfortunately they have the same names (e.g. 'F') as some really needed buttons to enter the text.

I have changed the following lines in "App.lua" to fix this:
line066: "elseif k == 'D' or k == 'E' ..."
-> "elseif k == 'de' or k == 'es' ..."
line108: "F = {" -> "fr = {"
line112: "D = {" -> "de = {"
line116: "E = {" -> "es = {"
line120: "I = {" -> "it = {"
line186: "addKey(o, 2, 'D', true)" -> "addKey(o, 2, 'de', true)"
line204: "addKey(o, 2, 'E', true)" -> "addKey(o, 2, 'es', true)"
line222: "addKey(o, 2, 'F', true)" -> "addKey(o, 2, 'fr', true)"
line239: "addKey(o, 2, 'I', true)" -> "addKey(o, 2, 'it', true)"
line330: "o:setLang('F')" -> "o:setLang('fr')"

Are you still working on the project?

Many thanks again
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