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Originally Posted by norciom View Post
Oh thank god. I was worried it may be thanks to my "unofficial" firmware upgrade. (Internal memory, no card)

I've redone the update AND reformatted the user memory to rule out odd settings form previous experiments.
Yes perhaps I should do that too (I was updating from the internal memory also)

This evening my favorite (for the moment) borrowed book (a swedish sort of a Forest Gump) was reseted twice in reading 20 pages (it happend only when using the wing button forward) ???

The pdf I had problem with alot:

A strange thing that I can reproduce 100% is the following use case:
1. open the an2295.pdf in landscape 100% with the buttons below the text.
2. go to page 18 of 52, the second half with a memory map picture.
3. turn off, by long press on on/off button
4. turn on => the picture is not shown correctly I have to go back a page and then move forward again to see it correctly

Do anyone know of if there is any log-file (assert messages) that is created at strange cases (assert cases) that causes reset that the developers can use to track the problem?
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