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After months/years of deliberation, I finally decided and placed my order for a Kindle on the weekend and had it delivered today.

The reason I bought the Kindle DX despite the Apple Ipad is that I waited for the iPad to be announced before making my decision and once I saw the specs and configuration, I realised that the iPad was simply another PC (albeit a tablet PC) and that was the deciding point for me.

I have tried reading books on a PC, on large sceens, on laptops, on netbooks but I cannot read for sustained periods on those devices, and even if I could, the battery life is measured in hours not days.

For me an e-book reader is a specialised device and that fits my needs. I want something to read books on, largely reference/text books but also novels and the like. I dont care about the audio capabilities of the device, only its ability to do sustained reading on.

Now if the PDF capabilities are increased and the ability to add notes to documents is included, it would be the perfect device but for now, e-readers cannot be compared with PC type devices for sustained reading.
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