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Originally Posted by CyGuy View Post
Actually, a netbook in a table/slate format is exactly
what I am waiting for. Windows 7 is a must...
All of that has been available for quite a while in a decent form factor:

Viliv S-5 (5" tablet, 6 hr battery). Atom 1.3 CPU.
Viliv X70EX (7" tablet, 5-6 hr battery). Very nice. Atom 1.3 CPU.

Coming very soon:
Hanvon touchpad BC10c (10" capactive multi-touch screen). ULV 1.3 CPU. 3.5 hr battery.

Hanvon is also coming out with a Atom CPU version. Maybe better battery life.

I believe the impending IPad release is great; it will foster a lot of competition into the tablet business, which will foster innovation, pull in the sales, bring the prices down. I think the UMPC hardware has finally reached the point where it is a viable form factor, but the high prices have kept them from being adopted by the mainstream user.

I would buy an IPad, but I think the size of the tablet will make it awkward. If they released a 7" version, I would add my name to the pre-order list. I am betting that Dell will release a 7" slate before Apple does.
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