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Originally Posted by zaidshaban View Post
HansTWN - yes i agree with you my friend but even in the countries (not iran) you have mentioned they have also an open minded people along with the other people ;-) any way i agree with you for sure specially (why don't they sell in Singapore? Government's attitudes will definitely play a big role. And the question of why they have no agent in the Middle East still remains, there is a reason they decided not to. Which comes back to our original discussion) and by the way i didnt mean be my last msg that you are criticies islam i thought (Maybe) you dont know our area so i would clear some things for you,
am originally from jordan and most of the censored books in the world you will defnetly find in jordan ;-)

final word, i respect your openion 100% am sorry if you got me wrong i didnt mean any thing, and as for Lady Chatterly's lover (am talking about my country ofcourse) if you are above 18 no one will interfer or even ask about your reading,

cheers my friend and sorry again
no customer service in the Middle East? how about Malaysia and Indonesia that are not in the Middle East. how about Israel that can download e-books to their pc. I think there are two level unavailability:
1. kindle.
2. kindle books. Israel and S. Korea can download books but cannot be shipped kindles.
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