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your point is irrelevant to this discussion.
matter of fact, Turkey is in Europe or not is not my problem. However, Turkish teams play with European competitions, Turkey qualifies to enter World Cup from the European division, Turkey is a candidate for EU membership -regardless of the fate of the process, member of the European Common Market, Turkey has a common history with Europe, having once known as the sick man of Europe. Turkey has other cities in physical Europe, not only half of Istanbul.
Now a Japanese can oppose to your point that Turkey is actually in Asia by referring to all of these facts. Does Turkey have more in common with Europe or with Asia?
so what's your point?
Now I will tell you one thing: if Turkey was not populated by Turks, the land of Anatolia would be accepted as Europe without any question. What makes Europe is not geography; it is a cultural concept.
So next time with your ebook, why don't you download some books on cultural imagination of Europe and read.

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Only one corner of one city (Istanbul). The bulk of Turkey is in Asia. The Bosphorus divides Istanbul between 2 continents.
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