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Yeah, that Police is a PG title originally (says so in the text, or as much as it can without, you know, using PG's trademarks in a modified text...)

Oh, and should add:

For Murakami, his first two books, Hear the Wind Sing and Pinball, 1973, are both better than what he's come out with lately. He hasn't agreed to let them be made available stateside, which is kinda weird, considering the translations were made and Pinball was the prequel to a Wild Sheep Chase, (Hear the Wind is something of a precursor to Norwegian Wood) but if you're not near a Kinkokuniya or the Wise Owl in Ikebukoro, ya can probably find both on the web...

Just agree to buy his next one, even if you vowed never to do that again after Kafka on the Shore...

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