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Thanks for the kind words.

Not done yet but a new version was released tonight.

This is the first version that I was able to use to create a full ePub file. I imported an Xhtml document that was created by OCR from my Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner & Abbyy FineReader of a 400+ page book with nearly 40 chapters. The Parts & Chapters worked perfectly, giving my ePub a nice Table of Contents that worked perfectly on my Sony PRS-600.

New to this version:
* Bug fixes with sorting and some exceptions thrown during scrolling.
* More languages to choose from, courtesy of Toxaris.
* Multi-select drag-and-drop inside the Navigation tree.
* Multi-select delete for everything that supports deletion.
* Some big speedups when drag-and-dropping hundreds of items but still more are needed. It can get ridiculously slow dragging thousands of items.
* Added an "Insert Above" and "Insert Below" context menu.
* Content pane is now broken up into a tab control. The "Items" tab is non-functional at this point but is being planned to help make drag-n-drop easier.

The multi-select works as one would expect. Shift and Control clicking allows you to select multiple items in the Navigation tree. When dragging paragraphs, etc., be sure to only select items from the same parent/level.

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