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Softrooted nook not charging fully?

I just got my nook last week and softrooted it over the weekend. Before I softrooted it, I wasn't getting great (or even very good) battery life, but then again I hadn't learnt to put it in airplane mode, and I was using it pretty much all day for both class reading and other while also activating the touchscreen unnecessarily.

Today I ran it down until it shut itself off and plugged it in to USB, but after almost seven hours the orange light is still on and the most it gets to is 94% charge.

Three questions:
1) Are there any known or rumored issues about charging after softroot?
2) I know that lithium batteries have interlocks that automagically shut off charging when the battery is at capacity. Are these hardware interlocks or firmware interlocks? i.e. can they be affected by firmware issues?
3) Do PDF page turns burn more battery charge than epub?

Update about charging: I was able to charge it fully on AC and the light did go off in a reasonable amount of time. Have people been able to figure out of USB charging consistently takes longer than AC charging? I notice the manual gives a figure for AC charging (3.5 hours) but not for USB.

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