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Hey Steve,

By the time you get your new toy ZR will work like a treat on the Touch Pro 2. It has the same screen res as the Jointech reader I recently got a hold of and am currently targetting my development at. Also adding the ability to add/change cover image, mulit-lelvel TOC's and Meta Data editing. I'd love to hear your thoughts as an early adopter Author on being able to edit on the go. If you have a html editor on your phone, (or can crunch out html pages using a text editor) you could actually create a complete ePUB in your hand held device.

It won't all be complete for a few months but some basic stuff like the cover image and TOC editing aren't far away, I already have the code for all the above features working and tested. I just need to work on the interface first so that it displays on all screen sizes before I add any more functionality, that and the 'lite' command line version of ZR that JoinTech has asked me to create that will be pre-installed on their devices.

Hi David, yes HTC does make exceptionally nice kit, I've had a Touch Diamond for over a year and it has never missed a beat nad it's as tough as nails! Mate, I don't know how you even got past square one with ZR on your TP2 the way it was, that 800x480 res really screwed ZR up royally. If you persisted with it all all before, even out of desperation, you are going to looooove it's re-incarnation, you'll acutally get to see all the buttons and even the whole page!!!! and you'll finally be able to leave that damn stylus in it's sheat where it belongs. I have already uploaded the first interim update to the site but only the CE CAB version, this update has the main screen and the 'reading' screens sorted. I'll post here when I've uploaded the MinMo version to the site, hopefully (much) later today.

The next update will have an enormous (apparent) page turning speed increase. At the moment ZR sits there doing nothing until you tell it to turn the page, at which point it parses another chunk of html, decodes it, and then renders a page image as you watch. Watching the page render always gives me a kick because I know how much is happening behind the UI, but I guess for the average punter who just wants to read his or her eBook, it's probably a lot like masturbating with a cheese grater, slightly amusing..... but mostly painful

Hopefully by early next week you will be able to download a version that takes some initiative and pre-renders the next page while you are reading the current one. It will also retain in memory a copy of the previous pages 'image' so that paging backwards no longer gives you time enough for a toilet break


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