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March 2010, still no Muslim country other than Albania and Bosnia

I have just noticed this while browsing through the countries that Kindle is shipped and Kindle ebooks can be downloaded. Many of the countries such as Canada that are listed here as non-available can received Kindles. However, the situation with Muslim countries other than Albania and Bosnia still hold. The entire Muslim world is 1.6 billion with many rich, secular, democratic, and English-literate countries. I can understand why Iran is excluded because of US sanctions but what explains the absence of Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt among others. None of these countries are in the list. Israel and S. Korea is listed as no-shipping but ebook downloadable country. So no Kindles to them but they can buy kindle ebooks. this is not true for Muslims. I see this a bad image for the company. I emailed amazon asking for clarification and will send you if I receive an explanation. Even though I am based in the United States, I will not do business with amazon if there is no clear explanation for this odd situation. Maybe it is not the company policy as it is possible to buy physical books from amazon shipped to many of Muslim countries, a fact that refutes many of the culture-based arguments listed here. but it is our right to know why amazon excludes Muslim nations when the book is electronic.
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