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Originally Posted by astra View Post
Maybe it depends on a few more than just "direct sunlight". For example, overall temperature of the reader? How long have you been reading in "direct sunlight" vs. people who do not experience the same problem?
In my own case I don't believe temperature played a very big role--although I cannot articulate my "proof" in a solid "physics" sense.

My "evidence" that it was light more than temperature is that my reader could be in my backpack where it was maybe 50 degrees F, and then immediately open opening it in the sun and turning a page, that page would be completely faded and near impossible to read. Then a second later a page turn with the reader shaded (facing away from the sun) that page would be rendered perfectly.

No doubt there is radiant energy in terms of "heat" present, but it wasn't a matter of the unit "heating up" before it started fading. I predict that I could have put it in the refrigerator for a couple hours and then done the same experiment with a similar result.

Also the fact that I could turn a page with a couple fingers on the screen in direct sun, leaving a distinct "imprint" of those fingers in the form of black e-ink where the sun-exposed areas were faded...all contribute to the belief that it's photonic energy and not caloric that is making the difference.

But I'm not a physicist. And I could be wrong.

But...what difference does it really make?

My argument in another thread was that these devices are promoted as being readable in full sunlight--unlike LCD screens, etc. It is one of the main marketing points about e-ink. And also, it doesn't afflict every e-ink reader. Only some...and seemingly, a small enough minority that this fading issue doesn't seem to appear in any major tech review article of any e-ink based e-reader I've ever encountered. It only seems to be getting "play" in this forum.

So bottom line, even if it is a more common problem than the manufacturers would like to admit, we consumers can reasonably demand that these devices not fade. And if yours does, it may well be worth your while to pursue getting it replaced.

For me it was easy because I was within the first 90 days of owning my PRS-600. Despite some of the negative things I had ready about Sony USA customer service, I found them pretty easy to work with....once I called them. Email--not so effective.

Good luck!
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