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Convert ePub to txt for better functionality

I've been playing around with my Libre and have determined that I really don't like reading books in the ePub format. I can't change the font to the system font I have selected, I don't like line breaks between paragraphs, I don't like not being able to turn off text justification, search for words in a book, or use the buttons on the lower right side of the Libre to turn pages. I have found that if I convert books from ePub to plain text using Stanza I can fix all of these limitations. I can use either the Libre's serif or sans serif font, paragraphs are indented without line breaks, text alignment can be justified or not, the word search function is activated, and all of the page turning buttons work. Of course I lose pictures and special formating, but this is worth it to me because the overall functionality is much better.
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