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No problem. Yeah, the lack of support sucks (and it's not just because of age--it was always pretty halfhearted =]), but on the other hand, the community here is really helpful. They've added quite a bit of functionality to the iLiad.

1. Scribbling is great, though it only works on PDFs (but since you can print anything as a PDF on your computer...). Basically it turns, e.g., recht.pdf on the iLiad into a directory, recht.pdf, in which you now have both the file recht.pdf and a scribble file. If you copy that back to your computer, you can use a Java program someone made to merge those into a new PDF. Very straightforward, and easy to automate with a script. Similar with the notes, tho I'm forgetting right now whether you need anything in particular to view/convert those.

2. Print-to-irex -- not entirely sure what this refers to. Do you mean converting documents to iLiad-sized PDFs? If so, that's fine--I often would convert HTML ebooks into PDFs, etc.

3. The weight was fine--really, it's no heavier than a reasonably thick academic paperback.

One thing is that the DR800 has some clear *benefits* over the iLiad: smaller, thinner, a bit lighter, with more RAM, better battery (I think), and maybe a better processor. The only drawback is the lack of zoom/annotate support, for now; lack of wifi; and somewhat inferior connectivity (mini-USB + microSD vs. full-size USB + CF/SD/some MMC). Given how little I used the wifi, I'd personally probably prefer the DR800, if they really fix the zoom/annotate...

(Now that I think about it--what I might do is get my iLiad fixed for $275, sell it for a reasonable price to someone, and buy a dr800sg when I go back to NYC for a visit next month...)
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