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Originally Posted by The GreatGonzo View Post
Having read books 1-6 in one go earlier this year, I still don't get what the big deal is .... sigh ... but as far as the distribution of an illegal e-copy of the new one is concerned, surely that's all about hacker/pirate cred and not about actually reading the book three days earlier, right?
I've done that very thing with a number of book series since moving to Japan.

The automatic doubling of the cost for foreign published books here (short of ordering through Amazon) all but killed the joy of casually browsing for a good book for me. The end result is that I tend to go on book browsing and purchase binges when I fly home for visits, and tend bide my time in between.

I read the first four Harry Potter books in one go, got hooked and made my way to Kinokuniya as soon as each of the subsequent volumes were published. I've loved all of them but the pleasure of anticipation added something indefinably wonderful to those I read later.

I'm sure there is a hacker cred thing going on for some distributing early copies. But for a lot of folks, being able to read the next installment as soon as available is a powerful thing and I suspect that demand provides a fair amount of motivation for "early publishers".
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