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Hello this is my first posting, I have had a PRS-500 then a PRS-505 which I like alot, and I bought a PRS-300 for my sister, I even had BeBook One (Letto, Swedish version) for a week (slow and awkward to use). But now I have got my PB360!!!

I got my first e-reader mainly for reading technical pdf's which was not as good as I hoped for, I learned how to convert etc. But lately (5-6 months) I have started to read a lot of novels both in English and in Swedish, it works great here in Sweden to borrow e-books (you can borrow 3 every week and they can be read for 28days, and they seems to arrive faster and faster).

The PB360 with 101.14.2 works much better then I thought with technical PDF's, but for the borrowed EPUB's it is annoying that it "forgets" the last page read, when it is turned off and on. Is this fixed in this latest version?
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