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What do you mean by ‘direct sunlight’?

Hi all! I am new here!

I have a PRS-600 for 4 months now. Until recently, I wasn’t aware of the ‘fonts wash out in direct sunlight’ issue. But I found it the first time I happened to read under such condition (just two weeks ago - winter isn’t my favourite season for reading outdoors).

Though the text still readable, I was alarmed that the sun would actually do harm to the Vizplex screen, so I moved to a less sunny spot and the problem ceased to be.

Looking for information in the forums, most PRS-600 owners seem to imply that their units don’t wash out at all in direct sunlight. So my question is about the definition of ‘direct sunlight’. Do you actually expose your screens to the sun ‘hitting hard’ on them without the text fading? Or do you simply mean that text doesn’t wash out with ‘intense daylight’ coming from the sky - as opposite to rays hitting directly from the sun?

Knowing this is important to me in order to reckon my unit as defective, so I can ask for a replacement from my Sony Service. Thanks in advance!
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