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Palm M125 help needed

Remembering back in the day, how I loved reading on my Palm V, I thought I would like a travel reader that used easy to get AAA batteries. I found that the M125 was the only one with sd card support that ran on AAA's and long battery life to boot just right for a cycle tour or the like. I bought a good example thinking I'd still have my old software somewhere and would be up and going in no time.
All has gone well (screen even better than I remembered) except That I can't find a suitable backup program. I've had a lot of Palms over the years and I thought I had solved this aspect but can't find anything that works on OS4. The resco program I have is for OS5 and all the programs I've tried have hung the palm on restore.
My idea is that if for some reason my palm crashes, batteries die etc I would restore from a backup on the card. That seems OK but when I restore the data the screen freezes and I have to do a hard reset.

Any ideas gratefully received. Thanks
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