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Frankly speaking I do not understand the difference between official and not-official versions... You mean that if the firmware is not published at ONYX site, then it is not supported? I do not think so. We got it from Onyx International headquarters in China to be released to all people who buy ONYX BOOX 60 in United States and other countries. So we shared it with everybody, not only with our clients. It is true that Onyx policy is to release only seriously upgraded firmware versions as 1.1. then 1.2 then 1.3 then 1.5 and so on. It is true that they are a little slow and not so attentive to users' claims about bugs. When I learnt about Russian version 1.2.2 I asked them to delete Russian as default language and Russian sites pre-installed in the web-browser and release the same for English speaking users. They did so in 2 days. To be fair I also must say that I myself pointed out to them several bugs with FB2 format and they were solved in 1.2. If we compare BOOX 6 months ago with current edition, the difference is significant. I hope that when we see 1.3 and 1.5 versions, everyone will be glad. It's not much time to wait!
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