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Hi Mike!

Originally Posted by MikeOnyx View Post
It's usually because we have a complaint from one of our larger customers about a bug. So naturally, we make it into a priority to fix those specific bugs and we send the firmware directly to that customer and only that customer. However, somehow it always seem to leak out.
This is (to my knowledge) the third time a new firmware version has appeared from somewhere without any update or official statement on your website. It simply does not shed a good light on Onyx, if you treat regular customers who already purchased a device as second class citizens. Are they supposed to be stuck with the firmware version they received as part of the package, while "bigger" customers enjoy premium treatment?

Since you've made a new firmware release for that customer anyway, why don't you just publish it on your website as well? Heck, even put some red warning signs on the page that these releases are unsupported interim releases, if it would make you feel more comfortable.

One of my reasons for choosing the Boox was the outlook of having access to frequent firmware updates. I'd prefer to get notified about new versions by Onyx, not some random fan forum.

Remember, we want version 1.5 to be as perfect as possible. And releasing every little fix as a new firmware gets tedious.
In the Open Source World, there is a mantra called "release early, release often". Smaller, incremental changes are usually better than having long periods with no updates at all, followed by a "big bang". You get much faster turnaround times and more direct feedback this way.

Please take a look at your own "Bug reports and feature requests" - there is lots of useful feedback from your users, but not much activity from your developers. A proper bug/feature tracking system would be a very useful addition to your site.
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