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Originally Posted by Slash5 View Post
Many of the PDFs in Google Books are images of the book's pages. No reader is going to display them well - you'll have to use the zoom and move around the page.
They don't display particularly well on a PC, let alone a reader.
Yes, I think you are right. Since there pages are scans, perhaps jpgs within the pdf.

They do display perfectly on my PC.

On the jetbook I have various problems. If unaltered the blank pages in the front of the books usually cause the jetbook to shut down. If I use Acrobat Pro and remove all but the text it does not shut down but some pages do not display so that the text can be read. If I convert to a smaller page size by converting the pdf to rtf and load that into word to create a new pdf. I am now getting a blank page inserted after every page. UGH. There seems to be no solution. And, although jetbook claims to read rtf, it says the file is too large (507 megs - pdf size is 6 megs, doc size is 273 megs but not recognized by jetbood).Some of these are available as epub, but jetbook hangs on loading them (constant hour glass).

Tech Support says to do a firmware upgrade, but I think that might be what they say when they have to say something. Nevertheless, I have downloaded 34c (currently I have 33g). I have tried the instructions supplied by Ectaco and the somewhat different instructions in this forum. The unit always fails the upgrade. Double UGH.

What concerns me now is your view that no reader will display the Google pdf files. If you are right, there is no point in wasting time trying another reader. But, I do have hope that the ipad, when released, might do the trick.

I guess I've reached the end of the road for jetbook.
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