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screen min 12" is a must, resolution min 600 DPI, gray scale 16
I don't think you'll have a 600dpi screen before long, current e-ink vizplex
screens hardly reach 170dpi.

Doubling current res. so as to reach 360dpi would already be a BIG step!

To me, there is little benefit to spending $400 dollars on a reading device just for reading fiction books; books that would cost the same as pbooks, books that I may have to spend time converting formats and such.
You don't know what you are talking about. There are thousands of free ebooks
available on the internet. If you had to buy paperback editions you would spend
way more than 400$.
Of course maybe you are one of those who only read one fiction book a year,
during summer at the beach, but that's not the case of everyone here.

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