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Originally Posted by DaleDe View Post
Yes, each of the target locations requires a matching name tag with names that are the same as the ones in the example. If each location is a new file then the name tags are not needed and the file name is enough. A combination of files and tags inside a file are also possible.

so, this would be in the TOC (this assumes the TOC is the first part of the body, and that the body is all in the same file.)
<h1 align="center">Table of Contents</h1> (this is bacically the title of the TOC, center aligned)
<p><a href="chapter-1">the text to click</a>

and this should be in the body, at the destination.
<a name="chapter-1">the text to go to</a>

and if "chapter-1" is the name of an individual file, (say each chapter to a file, the collection to make the body) then no destination tag is needed?


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