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Originally Posted by DaleDe View Post
Ebook Publisher is a different application than EBW Librarian. EBook Publisher is free and allows you to edit the raw html files. eBook Publisher will import RTF or Word. Here is what a html document might look like that has TOC in it.
<title>Table of Contents</title>
<img src="caraliti.png">
<a name="toc"></a>
<h1 align="center">Table of Contents</h1>
<p><a href="CarAlic.html#_RWTOC-1">Down The Rabbit-Hole</a>
<p><a href="CarAlic.html#_RWTOC-2">The Pool of Tears</a>
<p><a href="CarAlic.html#_RWTOC-3">A Caucus-Race and a Long Tale</a>
<p><a href="CarAlic.html#_RWTOC-4">The Rabbit Sends in a Little Bill</a>
<p><a href="CarAlic.html#_RWTOC-5">Advice from a Caterpillar</a>
<p><a href="CarAlic.html#_RWTOC-6">Pig and Pepper</a>
<p><a href="CarAlic.html#_RWTOC-9">A Mad Tea-Party</a>
<p><a href="CarAlic.html#_RWTOC-10">The Queen’s Croquet-Ground</a>
<p><a href="CarAlic.html#_RWTOC-11">The Mock Turtle’s Story</a>
<p><a href="CarAlic.html#_RWTOC-12">The Lobster Quadrille</a>
<p><a href="CarAlic.html#_RWTOC-13">Who Stole The Tarts?</a>
<p><a href="CarAlic.html#_RWTOC-14">Alice’s Evidence</a>

Note it also has a cover image referenced at the beginning.
interesting, but how does it link? is there a tag at the destination that tells it where to go?
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