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[/QUOTE] For non-Amazon books, no worry (I think).[/QUOTE]

Actually, in my own case, it is non-Amazon books that are a concern. I know Amazon backs up theirs, and all I need to do is archive and redownload and the mbp/tans are restored to me. I lose my metadata changes this way, but I haven't lost my annotations.

But there is no safety net for the non-Amazon books. If people don't follow G's procedure , --if instead they delete all those the mbp/tans off the Kindle, and then later change title and Send to Device from Calibre, those are gone. They probably have them somewhere in some backup they've made, but will they know how to find them and what to do? You know from your time on the Amazon forum how inexperienced some Kindle owners can be, and those are always the ones who panic about even losing their place in their book.

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