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Hi, Y'all! from Atlanta

I've been lurking in the bushes around here for long enough; it's time to crawl out and say Hi!

Wow! You folks sure have some interesting threads going. I particularly like the ethics one started by Deusexme. I'lll post over there in a while; it's quite a thorny issue...

I'm still using a Tungsten T5 for e-reading, which is adequate until I can get a letter-sized e-ink device. I love the idea of being able to carry around the equivalent of a small-town library in your pocket. But there is nothing quite like the quiet, almost breathless anticipation you get holding a couple of pounds of hot-from-the-press, never-been-opened paper, ink, and glue (and leather if you're really lucky!).

Y'think they can they moke eink devices SMELL like a new book?

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